The World Dementia Council

This week the Executive members of our Board have held an Extraordinary meeting in order to respond to the World Dementia Council regarding their lack of inclusion of people with dementia.

They met this week, and I sincerely hope Dr Acosta who offered to represent our views was able to present our statement, and that we receive a response from them.

It is only mid week, but this is so important, I decided to publish a DAI blog about it today. It was also blogged about yesterday here.

Disappointingly, “About us without us” continues to be the norm, rather than the exception.

Dr Gillings





Furthermore, this statement by Dr Gillings is seriously misinformed; people with dementia all over the world, as Dementia Alliance International and other groups of ppeople with dementia are highlightin, are and can speak up and advocate and activate for themselves.

Editors note: Until we receive a response, I am now witholding the statement we wrote to the World Dementia Council, originally published in this blog.