Wishing you a spectacular 2016

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 9.47.32 amWe would like to welcome you into the new year firstly with a message to wish you all a safe, productive, healthy (as much as  humanly possible) and truly peaceful 2016.

Dementia Alliance International (DAI) has a new Board of Directors whom we will introduce to you in our January e-News sent out later this month.

We would also like to remind you we have two special events this month as well.

  • On January 13/14, we are hosting an online zoom room event, to celebrate the 2nd birthday party of DAI. DAI Members will receive the invitation in your inboxes very soon.
  • The next DAI A Meeting of The Minds Webinar, Living with dementia: new perspectives, is with Dr Al Power, whom many of you have already registered for. Please register now if you haven’t already, as we already have a large number of registered attendees. You can register here…
Reminder to our supporters registering for our monthly DAI A Meeting of The Minds educational Webinars: 

We rely on an honour system for our online registration process, and if you are not a member of DAI, and therefore a person with a medically confirmed diagnosis, and you are not a non professional carer/care partner who is not in paid employment, we do charge a small fee of $35.00 for you to register. This is our only form of income, and helps us to help people support themselves, and to live more independently. Thank you for your understanding.

Welcoming new members and supporters at all times

People with a medically confirmed diagnosis of a dementia can join for free, and attendance at all events and for services, is also free.

Once you become a member, you can get involved in many ways, including joining an weekly online support group, or our private Facebook groups, as well as our events and online cafes, all for no fee.

Anyone else can subscribe to our e-newsletters and weekly blogs, also for free.

Best wishes,
Kate Swaffer