Watch the webinar – “Rehabilitation to maintain physical function”

We are pleased to share the video recording of a recent #DAI presentation, “Rehabilitation to maintain physical function”, presented by Associate Professor Michele Callisaya and Dr Morag Taylor, the first in a series of four webinars focused on Rehabilitation for Dementia, as part of our 2021 Dementia Awareness Month activities.

Rehabilitation for all people with dementia is a basic human right, and in this series, DAI is highlighting why.

Along with thinking and memory, physical function is often compromised in people with dementia. Physical functions include balance, strength and the ability to walk well. Good physical function is important for maintaining everyday activities, whereas poor physical function increases the risk of falls. This presentation outlined the common physical disabilities found in people living with dementia, how thinking and memory influence the ability to walk safely, as well as evidence for treatments to maintain or improve physical function and prevent falls.

It is not too late to register for Webinar 3, being held in two days: Cognition-oriented treatments for people with dementia, presented by Dr Alex Bahar-Fuchs and Dr Loren Mowszowski.

Then, next week you can also register for our final webinar in this series, a Panel Session: The Importance of Rehabilitation for all People with Dementia, with panellists includng Professor Lee-Fay Low, PhD, Dr Alexandra Rauche, WHO, Mrs. Emily Ong, Ms. Lynette Rogers and Ms. Kate Swaffer, MSc.