Watch now: Updates In Precision Medicine and Protocols for Dementia

We are pleased to highlight this #DAI webinar presentation during Dementia Awareness Month, which was a recent discussion style presentation by Dr Nate Bergman was an opportunity to hear about the latest findings in Precision Medicine & Protocols for MCI & Dementia. #WAM2021 #DAM2021 #KnowDementia

Dr Nate Bergman DO, has been passionate about proactive, preventive, and participatory medicine since his days as a research fellow at the NIH. He completed a fellowship in geriatric medicine at the Cleveland Clinic with emphasis on the aging brain and body. Prior to his current position at Kemper Cognitive Wellness, he co-developed the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine’s program for cognitive impairment.

When not in the office, he hosts and produces the Evolving Past Alzheimer’s podcast, dances, ponders the mysteries of the universe, but mostly enjoys time with his wife and their five children.

This discussion style presentation will primarily be about the latest findings in Precision Medicine & Protocols for MCI & Dementia. Dr Nate Bergman is absolutely convinced that Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases are generally treatable and reversible. Early translational evidence is supports this belief.

Dr Nate Bergman hosts the Evolving Past Alzheimer’s show, which was was born out of both personal experience and frustration with the current state of affairs in medicine. After a short stint in performance art, several years in spiritual retreat and study he embarked on a career in medicine. Nate opted to become a doctor of osteopathic medicine because of the profession’s acknowledgment of the multidimensional nature of humankind, i.e., physical and spiritual beings.

A great number of DAI members have also been convinced that a lifestyle approach, including with a focus on the arts to a diagnosis of dementia is closest they have to hope, and even if not a cure, it will improve our quality of life. This is also the reason DAI started our Brain Health Hub and twice monthly meetings, many years ago, for members and any others. Please send in questions in advance if you have them.