Watch now! Living with Dementia: Supporting Those Who Have It & Care Partners

The DAI February “Meeting Of The Minds” Webinar, Living with Dementia: Supporting Those Who Have It & Care Partners, by Laurie White provided us with real life (anonymous) experiences of people with dementia, family care partners and professionals working in the medical and social service arenas. Laurie helped participants to:

  1. Understand what it feels like to have dementia
  2. Connect with a person with dementia through effective communication strategies in the early, middle, and late stages, and
  3. Explore how building on old strengths and interests can bring meaning to people in all stages of dementia.

Read an excellent review written by DAI Vice Chair Bobby Redman here.

About DAI: Dementia Alliance International (DAI is a non-profit group of people with dementia from around the world seeking to represent, support, and educate others living with the disease that it is possible to live more positively than advised with dementia. It is an organization that promotes a unified voice of strength, advocacy and support in the fight for individual autonomy, improved quality of life, and for the human and legal rights of all with dementia and their families.

Donating or partnering with DAI will make a difference to the lives of people with dementia

Membership of, and services provided by Dementia Alliance International is FREE, and open to anyone with a diagnosis of any type of dementia.  Anyone with a diagnosis of dementia can join DAI here

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