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WE CAN by Terrie Montgomery



In 2021 DAI once again observes World Alzheimer’s Month #WAM also now referred to by many people and organisations as Dementia Awareness Month #DAM and World Dementia Month, by highlighting stories about, or written by our members, who all live with a diagnosis of dementia.

Today, Day 3 of WAM, we are delighted and proud to publish an article written by DAI board member, Terrie Montgomery from the USA, an excellent piece focused on what people with dementia CAN still do.

Thank you Terrie.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”. Maya Angelou


By Terrie Montgomery 08//25/21
We have added this collage of images and quotes, as it beautifully represents the amazing woman and friend that Terrie is to so many of us.

Some times I find myself asking the question, “Where do I go from here”.  Have you ever ask yourself that question?  Yes/No?  In my case, I ask it quite frequently because living with dementia, can cause us to wonder.

“Where do We go from here”; When we notice changes occurring in our life.  For example our memory is becoming shorter, or we can’t concentrate or multi-task or we tend to a back track often or find ourself saying, “What was I doing or looking for?”  Hence, we begin to feel frustrated that we are slowly losing that perfect 10 ego we once were so proud about, slowly slip away!  Sound familiar?

Now let’s change gears!

We do NOT or should NOT dwell on what we use to be able to do, when we still CAN do so much more.

Yes, so much MORE!  For example, perhaps we may have a hobby, that we always wanted to do and still have not started, why not start doing it now?  Or we always wanted to (Fill in the blank).  Again, why not do whatever we CAN right now? What are we waiting for?

Some may think, it sounds easy to me but it is NOT that simple! That is a absolute truth but we have to instill in our mind as we travel through our journey to be satisfied with what we still have, and CAN remember.  THINK ABOUT IT!

We CAN distinguish what’s right, We CAN breathe, We CAN recognize our name, We CAN distinguish morning from night, and more importantly we CAN learn what to eat to improve brain functioning….and “How can we do that”?   Just do it! Take time to DO things we normally may not do or feel we CAN do and that is: add research to our daily to do list. It is as easy as 1,2,3  to get started.

Finally, here is a link that may have some valid pointers that we CAN incorporate in our daily routine to improve our brain health and keep us fired up!  Even if we can’t remember something earlier, YES WE CAN certainly learn something new today!

Let’s “Do this”!

Have a day that is just like “You”… totally awesome!

Terrie Montgomery, Dementia Advocate
Living with Younger Onset Alzheimer’s
Board Member, DAI  Dementia Alliance International
Advisory Board, DAA Dementia Action Alliance

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