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Celebrating WRAD 2019

Yesterday, Dementia Alliance International  hosted their second World Rocks Against Dementia (WRAD) online event, and together, we ‘ Rocked the World Against Dementia”!

This image of Graeme Atkins, taken at an event some time ago,  highlights his ongoing love of music, and we thank him for agreeing once again to open and close our WRAD event with two live performances, albeit via zoom!

The event was hosted by our Vice Chair Jerry Wylie from the USA, and Board member Christine Thelker from Canada, who did a fantastic  job, and also made sure we have fun. Mike Belleville from the USA, also a board member was once again our producer. We thank them all for their hard work to put this event on.

DAI also sincerely thank all of the performers, who either performed new songs for DAI’s WRAD2019 event, or gave their consent to use a pre recorded performance.


  • We commenced with one minute of silence for our brothers and sisters in new Zealand, following the recent shootings there
  • Live performance by Graeme Atkins, Australia: Living Well With Dementia
  • Dr Al Power, USA: Happy Wanderer
  • Chris Madsen & Jenny Garbutt, Canada: In the Stillness
  • Veda Meneghetti, Australia: Living beyond my diagnosis of dementia
  • Chris Madsen & Jenny Garbutt, Canada: It shall always be
  • Vince Zangaro, USA: Better Man 
  • Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre, New Zealand: Mahana
  • Residents living Care Centre, Levin, New Zealand: Edelweiss
  • Shoutsister Choir, CanadaStand by Me
  • Dementia Drumming Group, Day Care Respite Centre, Australia: Mind to Beat, Beat to Mind -zfive Fives and We Will Rock You
  • Bay Samba, Australia: Mangueria  
  • Daniella Greenwood, Australia: Something For Kate
  • Kate Swaffer, The World: Sadness
  • Kate Swaffer, Th World: Happiness
  • Paul Hitchmouth, USA: Invisible
  • Live performance by Graeme Atkins: The Minimal Mental Test
  • Graeme Atkins (pre recorded): Happy 5th Birthday to DAI

Below is a  video called Better Man, which  we were given permission to show as part of our WRAD event yesterday. It is a beautiful true story of two young carers, and the father with demetnia that they care for. This type of unconditional love is what makes the world a better place, and we are hopeful more families will learn from this, rather than walking away from the responsibility of caring for a family member or parent…

Better Man, by Vince Zangaro