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Seven years of DAI advocacy by Amy Shives

On January 1, 2021, DAI turned 7! We were delighted to host a virtual cafe to celebrate our 7th birthday, and had a number of planned and impromptu speakers. Amy Shives, one of our co-founding members, spoke about our seven years, from her perspective as a co founder and long time dementia-advocate.

We are thrilled to share it today, as part of our Dementia Awareness Month series of (almost daily) blogs, to continue to highlight the voices of poeople with dementia, as well as DAI’s critical role in local, national and global advocacy.

In this video, she talks about the value of the DAI Peer to Peer suport groups, and how important these groups have been in normalising the experience of dementia. Any also says, that she believes being with others living with dementia has  saved her life.

Thank you Amy!

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