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Webinar: Dementia and Wayfinding, by Noelannah Neubauer

Register now to join us for the next DAI “A Meeting Of The Minds” Webinar, on August 28/29, 2019. We are delighted to introduce Noelannah Neubauer to present on this topic, which some members and families may find contentious. However,  we all agree, for a person who is lost, providing support to ensure their safe return home, including people with dementia is important. After the presentation, there is time for you to ask questions, or express your views.

Title: Dementia and Wayfinding
Presenter: Noelannah Neubauer, PhD, MSc, BHK

  • Wednesday, Aug 28, 2019 (USA/CA/UK/EU)
  • Thursday, Aug 29, 2019 (AU/NZ/JP/SGP/TWN)

Please note: this is one event, set in a number of different time zones.

About the Webinar: The changing face of dementia and missing person incidents: The International Consortium on Dementia and Wayfinding

The number of lost and missing person incidents involving those living with dementia has been on a rapid incline in recent years. Despite the increasing number of available strategies to lessen this issue, research focusing on managing and preventing lost incidents among those living with dementia is limited and few key stakeholders, such as persons with dementia have been involved. International collaborations looking at this issue from a global scale has also yet to be explored. This has led to the formulation of an international consortium on dementia and wayfinding. Co-founded by two PhD students in Canada and Scotland, the International Consortium on Dementia and Wayfinding serves as a knowledge mobilization hub for more than 8 countries and includes persons with dementia, care partners, community organizations, police, health professionals and researchers. The goal of the consortium is to help people living with dementia go out and about safely in their local neighbourhoods without fear of stigma, getting lost, or going missing. We plan to do this by doing research and sharing best practices from around the world. These measures will help people live their lives safely, without restricting freedom.

About our speaker:

Noelannah Neubauer is an incoming Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Faculty of Applied Health Science at the University of Waterloo in Canada. She recently completed her PhD August 2019 in the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Alberta under the supervision of Dr. Lili Liu. She is the co-founder of the International Consortium on Dementia and Wayfinding, is a member of WYLD, and is Highly-Qualified personnel with AGE-WELL NCE. Her research focuses on identifying strategies that balance safety and autonomy among persons living with dementia that are at risk of getting lost.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019 (USA/CA/UK/EU):

  • 11:00 am Honolulu
  • 2:00 pm Pacific
  • 3:00 pm Mountain
  • 4:00 pm Central
  • 5:00 pm Eastern
  • 10:00 pm London/Glasgow/Dublin UK
  • 11:00 pm Paris, Munich, Amsterdam, EU

Thursday, August 29 2019 (AU/NZ/JP/SGP/TWN/CHN):

  • 6:30 am Adelaide AU
  • 7:00 am Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne/Canberra/Tasmania AU
  • 5:00 am Perth AU/Taipei//Beijing
  • 9:00 am Auckland, NZ

The Webinar runs for 1.5 hours. Check your time if not listed above with this link.


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  • Employed persons: DONATIONS APPRECIATED