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Monday Science Podcast Dementia Series #DAM2020

Monday Science podcast’s Dementia Series starts today, Monday 7th September 2020. The series, and Monday Science has been curated by Dr. Bahijja Raimi-Abraham, whose biography is listed below.

All episodes in the month of September will be dedicated to conversations about dementia. The aim of the series is to raise awareness of dementia and experiences of it across the world.

Topics that will be covered in the series include the impact of COVID19 on persons living with dementia; the experiences of persons living with dementia; and the experiences of relatives of persons living with dementia.

Series Guests:

7th September: Kate Swaffer (Humanitarian & Chair/CEO/Co-founder of Dementia Alliance International)

The first podcast is now available here…

14th September: Ms Feyi Raimi-Abraham (Founder/CEO of The Black Dementia Company Ltd & care partner of a parent living with dementia)

21st September: Professor Adesola Ogunniyi (Clinician/Neurologist/Neuroepidemiologist and holding professional faculty position at the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, Nigeria)

28th September: Mrs Cynthia Raimi (Retired Physiotherapist)

Monday Science is also funding-raising for Dementia Alliance International during the series. The aim is to raise £500.

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Note to Editors:

Monday Science is a podcast that discusses the latest research in Science, Technology and is hosted by award winning scientist Dr Bahijja Raimi-Abraham. The podcast is available on Spotify, Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Castbox and on Monday Science website.

Dementia is a syndrome of a chronic or progressive nature where there is deterioration in cognitive function (i.e. the ability to process thought) beyond what might be expected from normal ageing. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), ~50 million people worldwide have dementia. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia and may contribute to 60–70% of cases. Later-onset dementia affects people over 65 whilst younger-onset dementia affects people younger than 65.

About Bahijja Raimi-Abraham

Dr Bahijja Raimi-Abraham is a pharmacist, Lecturer in Pharmaceutics at King’s College London, Founder and Academic Lead of King’s College London Fight the Fakes. She leads her research group “The Raimi-Abraham Group”. Her research to date has been in pharmaceutical materials and innovative manufacture. More recently she has focused her research efforts within the therapeutic and drug development aspects of malaria.

Prior to her current position as Lecturer in Pharmaceutics at King’s College London, Dr. Raimi-Abraham held positions at University College London (UCL) as an Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) postdoctoral researcher position and at the European Medicines Agency (EMA) as a seconded Quality National Expert.

Dr. Raimi-Abraham is the first graduate of the University of East Anglia School of Pharmacy to be awarded a Ph.D. and more recently won the Outstanding Woman in STEM Precious Award.

In May 2020, Dr Raimi-Abraham started a new podcast called Monday Science. Monday Science is a weekly podcast which discusses the latest in Science, Health and Technology. Dr Raimi-Abraham started this podcast because of her passion for science communication and a desire to discuss topics both within her core research areas and expertise as well as outside of them. Monday Science also allows for the listeners to submit their questions which Dr Raimi-Abraham answers or finds experts in the field to answer them.

Dr Raimi-Abraham has curated a dementia series for Monday Science to be included as part of dementia awareness month motivated by dementia affecting a close family member. Through this series Dr Raimi-Abraham aims to amplify the voices of those affected by dementia whilst also raising awareness.

Further details including social media are available here.