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From lab to home: AD in the 21st Century


Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 5.17.04 pmThe last three days I have been representing Dementia Alliance International at an ADI Regional meeting and Philippine Neurology Association conference in Manila. In fact, getting here at all was a major challenge, as due to the terrorist attacks in Paris, and Mr Obama and other heads of countries being here for APEC, security was really increased, and the airport cancelled for all flights for over 12 hours, of course, on the day I was to depart from home. On top of that, there have been bushfires and a heatwave back home, with catastrophic bush fire warnings, and we have been unable to go home earlier than we initially booked!

Anyway, the hospitality in Manila has been exceptional, and the friendliness and hospitality of the people here truly spectacular. The dinner last night was a highlight, with all regions of the country putting on a performance, including the neurologists and other medical doctors. It was extremely competitive, and very entertaining.

The conference itself was perhaps more for neurologists, as it was hosted by the Philippine Neurology Association, and many of the speakers presented the scientific data and pharmaceutical side to dementia, but it was an important step for DAI to be represented here, and especially to encourage them to include people with dementia in their programs in the future.

After the Dementia Friendly Communities session today, which I presented at along with five other presenters from the region, including Japan who started this movement about 20 years ago, it was enlightening, and we all learnt a lot from each other.

The thing I am most pleased about, is that DAI will be able to support people with dementia in the countries represented here, such as India, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Singapore, and though this channel of support for each others work, we can give a stronger more global voice to people with dementia.  We have had our first support group, for people with dementia in Nigeria, and I foresee there will be many more to follow all over the world. Mick Carmody, our support group facilitator and host and also a fabulous chap and poet, will certainly have a lot to get him our of bed every single morning!!

There has been a lot to take in, and it has been very tiring, but I will write up a full report especially on the DFC session today, for another blog.

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