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Assistance dogs for people with dementia

Phil Hazell with his Assistance dog, Sarah

In our October 2019 “Meeting Of The Minds” Webinar our two speakers talk about the value of assistance dogs for people with dementia.

Professor Kevin McVilly presented on a project on Assistance Dogs for people with Young Onset Dementia; 3-year study. This project documented the experience of 14 people with Young Onset Dementia and their families, over a 3-year period, of having a trained assistance dog.

Phil Hazell shared his personal expeience of Living with Sarah: the value of assistance dogs for people with dementia, and his story of being diagnosed with younger onset dementia, and the value of having an assistance dog. His presentation considered the benefits such as increased Self Esteem, Purpose in Life, Independence, Freedom and importantly, increased quality of life and well-being. Phil also discussed some of the challenges, or what he calls a ‘reality check for those considering an assistance dog, and the joys.

Vew the presentation below, and download their power point slides here…