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Merry Christmas

peanuts-christmas-wallpaper-ytpiDementia Alliance International wishes each and every one of our members, blog followers and dementia community a peaceful Christmas and hope that you have family and friends close by to spend it with.

There are thousands of people with and without dementia who are alone at this time of year, and this weeks blog is written to honour them.

Many do not have a Christmas tree, nor the joy of a Christmas stocking being filled or a meal to share with loved ones. Let’s all think of those who are alone and lonely, or who are sick and laying in a hosptial bed somewhere.

The other group of people we should send our global hugs to are those who are living in an aged or dementia residential care home, with no family to visit or take them out for the day.  So let’s think not only of each other but also those in the community who have no-one to share this time with.

May this find you as well as you can possibly be, and taking time to be with family and friends.

Then, if there is one thing you can do to make someone else’s Christmas a better time for them, a phone call, a meal for someone who is homeless, even somehting as simple as a hug… then as Nike would say, just do it!