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Welcome to Dementia Awareness Month 2021



Welcome to World Alzheimer’s Month 2021, now also referred to by many people and an increasing number of dementia advocacy organisations as Dementia Awareness Month or World Dementia Month.

On day 1 we are thrilled to present a song written and performed by one of our members, Graeme Atkins from NSW Australia.

World Alzheimer’s Day by Graeme Atkins

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With more than 50 million people living with dementia, and the Coronavirus pandemic causing everyone to operate in a virtual world, our work has never been more important.

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About DAI: Dementia Alliance International (DAI is a non-profit group of people with dementia from around the world seeking to represent, support, and educate others living with the disease that it is possible to live more positively than advised with dementia. It is an organization that promotes a unified voice of strength, advocacy and support in the fight for individual autonomy, improved quality of life, and for the human and legal rights of all with dementia and their families.