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“Truly be all you can, and not what the ‘experts’ tell you to be” #DAM2015 DAY 26

Dr Peter Gordon, a psychiatrist from Scotland, recently gave us permission to post this Vimeo he made, and had added to his tribute to the late Richard Taylor on his own blog. Peter I dedicated his film Primum Non Forgetful, posted below, to Richard. 

It is on Peter’s blog, Truly be all you can, and not what the ‘experts’ tell you to be, published on September 13, 2015.

Thank you Peter for allowing us to share this with our members and supporters. Like you, we all loved him and miss his wisdom, love and friendship.

Editor: Kate Swaffer
Copyright: Dr Peter Gordon

The Myths of dementia (2014), by the late Dr Richard Taylor

In honour of the late Dr Richard Taylor, we are posting another of the webinars he hosted for DAI last year, as part of our Master Class series during World Alzheimer’s Month. It is already Day 23 of #WAM2015, and the myths of dementia are still very much there, and our awareness campaigns are still not getting the message through well enough. We do hope this webinar helps to change that.

Not Acting the Way thats Expected, by Richard Taylor, PhD

Day 5, Dementia Awareness Month 2015

Founding member of Dementia Alliance International, the late Dr  Richard Taylor PhD presented a number of time at the ADI2014 conference in Puerto Rico, and this recording offers us all an especially powerful message.

First published on Sep 8, 2014

Belated update

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 10.18.21 amHello.

This month, as Editor of DAI, it has not been physically possible to keep up with the many commitments I have had in this group, and many others, so I would like to apologise for missing three weekly blogs.

What we can’t do alone, we can do together, but there simply have not been enough helpers to ensure even the basics of our organisation happen this month.

A Tribute to Richard Taylor

The passing of Dr Richard Taylor, one of our founding members, and a long time advocate and activist for improving the lived experience of dementia, has also take its toll on our members, and the global dementia community, and to help members, Laura Bowley provided a Zoom chat room on Tuesday; thank you Laura for doing this, it was a good opportunity for people to share their grief.  DAI also continued with Richard’s Thursday support group to allow people to express their feelings and talk about their own memories of Richard.

Keep this date free:

  • August 19 (USA/Ca/UK/EU)
  • August 20 (AU/NZ/Japan/Indonesia)

DAI will be holding a Tribute to Richard Taylor event as part of our A Meeting of The Minds Webinar series.

Details including times will be sent out ASAP.

July 2015 Member update

As far a a July Members update, we were unable to hold the Open Members meeting in July, and I have not written a report to publish here, but suffice to say, there is actually little to report, and so we will provide a two month update at our Open Members meeting in the third Tuesday/Wednesday of August.

Again, our apologies and we hope to see you at the August Open Member to give you an  update, and to hear your views. I’ve not even had time to write up the survey results either, but hope to have that done by this update as well.

Thank you for supporting Dementia Alliance International.

Kind regards,
Kate Swaffer
Chair, Editor, Co-founder