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Dementia Awareness Month 2014 In Review

Richard Taylor, Susan Stephens, Janet Pitts, Sid Yudowitch, Kate Swaffer & John Sandblom
Richard Taylor, Susan Stephens, Janet Pitts, Sid Yudowitch, Kate Swaffer & John Sandblom

Dementia Awareness Month 2014 (#DAM2014) this year was the best I have experienced, and as the editor of Dementia Alliance International, I thought it opportune to review the activities of September, as well as highlight a few other very positive things that have come to fruition during #DAM2014 around the world.

This image was taken at ADI2014 in Puerto Rico earlier this year, and I have added as it reminds me of how far we have come as an advocacy and support group, of, by and for people with dementia.  Our dream is to one day host a conference, where we can have a much larger group photo taken!

The first thing I would like to report on is the Alzheimer’s Australia updated and very comprehensive Language Guidelines, that became available today Alzheimers Australia full language guidelines 2014.

Our Master Classes were a success, and feedback has been very positive, with the only negative I have heard so far being that on at least one recording, poor sound made it difficult for people to view and understand on our YouTube channel afterwards. Please accept our apologies; we will do everything we can to ensure that does not happen next time, but as is so often the case, technology does not always run smoothly.

So, our sincere thanks to our members, Sue Stephen, Sid Yudowitch, Dr Jennifer Bute, David Kramer MD, John Sandblom, Richard Taylor PhD, Chris Roberts, Dena Dotson, Janet Pitts  and Kate Swaffer [me!], for giving up so much time and putting in so much effort to present these Master Classes. The committment not only to prepare the presentations, but to be willing to give of themselves to others so willingly – and publicly –  is precious and priceless.

Please go to our YouTube channel to watch them again, or to view any of the other presentations we have online, such as many of those made at the ADI conference in Puerto Rico.

On September 23 we held A Meeting of the Minds Webinar, Dispelling the Myths of Dementia, presented by Richard Taylor, PhD in the USA time zone, and another version of Dispelling the Myths of Dementia on September 26 at AEST, hosted by me.

Café Le Brain on 16 September was hosted by Teresa Zawicki, a previous member of Dementia Alliance International’s Circle of Friends, for people living with and without the symptoms of dementia are always welcome to attend. If you would like to host a dementia support group, you can show this cafe live on your computer so that your group can participate. If you are caring for someone at home, you can both join in!

Alzheimer’s Disease International, as well as most of the Alzheimer’s Associations/Organisations held special events for family carers and people with dementia as well as professionals, many hosted Memory Walks and other fundraising events, and generally speaking, it was a very positive month for people with dementia globally.

Globally, we are starting to have a collective voice about the things that matter to us, and others are starting to listen.  If you wish to present on a topic of interest or significance to your own experience of living with dementia, or as a family carer, then please do send in an Abstract for the ADI2015 conference in Perth next year.

The process has been made more dementia friendly for those ofg us who cannot work out hows to upload one on the online system; that is, you can send an Abstract as a word or PDF document.

You will see there are a number of people with dementia who are keynote speakers next year; although there has occasionally been one person with dementia as a keynote speaker at an ADI conference, this is the firest time each day of the conference will include one of us. Personally, I am delighted that ADI have engage witho us, and have so willingly listened to our right to be so fully included. Thank you.

Dreaming is as much an art as living… and we have already realised many of our dreams.

Dementia Alliance International © 2014
Editor: Kate Swaffer

Master Class 2: My Conversation with My Doctor

It has been an extraordinarily busy time so far during Dementia Awareness Month 2014, and the second Master Class is now available to view here and on YouTube. Congratulations to DAI members, John Sandblom, Jennifer Bute and Dave Kramer for sharing your experience and wisdom with our members and in fact, the world! Eventually!

Published on our YouTube channel September 11, 2014

In this webinar, our panel shared their experiences of sitting on both sides of the table – physician and patient — and talked about how to make the most of your visit to your doctor, how to get the information you need, how to understand what the physician is telling you, and how to advocate for yourself.

You can register here for Master Class 3 on September 17: Advocacy and Speaking Out. Click here for class times, class description, and to register.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Information and other content included on this Site or in this video (Master Class 2: My Conversation with My Doctor) is for general informational and educational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitute for the advice provided by a professional health care provider. This site and video does not provide medical advice. You may not use or rely on any information contained on the Site or in the Video for diagnosing a health or medical problem or disease. You should always consult a professional health care provider regarding any health or medical condition, prevention, or treatment. Do not delay or disregard seeking professional medical advice on account of something you have read on www.dementiaallianceinternational.org or viewed or heard in a video on this Dementia Alliance International YouTube channel.


DAI in Dementia Awareness Month 2014

DAI Master Class logoSeptember is World Dementia Awareness Month and because we know our members have a lot to contribute to the learning of dementia, during September DAI is holding a number of Master Classes and other events.

Master Classes: learning to live well with dementia

During September 2014, DAI is offering the following Master Classes for people living with dementia, taught by people with dementia. The focus of the Master Classes is on learning to live well with dementia.

Master Classes are offered over the Internet using video conferencing, and can be attended from your home, office, or can be set up and shown to groups. They are free to attend (ticket purchases by donations are welcome):

The classes and dates are as follows. For class times, descriptions and to register, click on the link provided after the class title. Australians, add a day to the following dates.

Café le Brain

  • September 16: Guest host is Teresa Zawicki


TOPIC: Dispelling the Myths of Dementia

Everyone knows about dementia, but few understand it. In this webinar we will talk about the popular myths of dementia, the research into dementia as it stands now regarding causes and prevention, the different types of dementia, and about the positive things that are happening regarding living well with dementia. Participants will be able to ask questions of the panel, which will be comprised entirely of people with dementia.


  •  Northern Hemisphere: Tuesday, September 23 – 10 am, PT, 12 noon CT, 1 pm ET, 6 pm UK
  • Southern Hemisphere: Friday, 26 September – 11am (Adelaide time) – to be confirmed.

Here is a summary of the programs and events being offered during Dementia Awareness Mnth 2014 by DAI:

  • Master Classes: Four weekly classes on living well with dementia – for people with dementia, taught by people with dementia
  • A Meeting of the Minds webinar: Tuesday, September 23 – Dispelling the Myths of Dementia – times to be announced
  • Café Le Brain Memory Café: Tuesday, September 16 – Guest host is Teresa Zawicki

To learn more about these events and to register for the Master Classes, which start on Wednesday, September 3, please go to: https://www.dementiaallianceinternational.org/events/