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Dawn and Maz: Why they’re glad they found DAI

On day 2 of Dementia Awarness month 2020 #DAM2020, we hear from DAI member Dawn and her partner Maz who live in Mebourne Australia, on why they are glad they found DAI. Dawn joins two of our peer-to-peer support groups each week, and occasionally, is inspired to get up early for avirtual Cafe or online Webinar!

Image source: Dawn and Maz

Dawn: I’m so glad I found DAI because I really enjoy the weekly support group sessions on Zoom.

I like that all the people in the Zoom sessions are pretty much like me and we talk about lots of things that we can still do. I like it when we share what we’re doing, such as what we’re cooking. It’s really good to hear other people’s experiences.

I appreciate that the others are very patient with me because I have Primary Progressive Aphasia and I find it difficult to express myself. Each week I write down what I want to say beforehand. Sometimes I read it and sometimes I just need it as a prompt.

I am so thankful that I was given Kate’s book ‘What the Hell Happened to my Brain?: Lvign Beyond Dementia’ because it introduced me to DAI (and it is an excellent, positive book!)

Maz: I’m so glad my partner, Dawn, found DAI because the weekly support group sessions on Zoom have been very affirming and encouraging for her.

They are a space just for her, not for both of us, and it’s great for her to have her own voice without me doing most of the talking, which is what often happens when we are in group settings, online or face to face.

Although I sit off-screen, I am present each week as a communication support for Dawn when needed.

It’s great to hear the positivity and encouragement bouncing off the participants. Just hearing from others who are going through similar experiences and emotions is so important. As with any other group of people, the participants’ sharing is not always positive, and the hosts always treat any expressions of sadness with sensitivity.

We’ve also learnt about many useful resources through the support sessions and the DAI website.

Dawn comes away from the sessions with a smile on her face and a sense of connection with others. Although we’ve never met any of the others in the group, we both feel that they are our friends and we are so grateful to the hosts who so generously give their time and expertise.

Thank you Dawn and Maz.

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