Today on World Alzheimer’s Day 2017 we announce Susan Suchan as the recipient of the prestigious DAI Richard Taylor Memorial Advocates Award. Congratulations Susan.

From Oklahoma in the U.S.A, Susan Suchan is a loyal, fun loving and tireless DAI member and has been a very active member of many other advocacy and support groups around the world. She has ensured through her own actions and dedication to all people with dementia, which not only speaks to us in the same way Richard’s incredible legacy lives on, but also her own very impressive and gracious personal and advocacy legacy lives on.

Congratulations and thank you Susan, for being the generous, loving and truly inspirational woman that you are, and special thanks to your family for their support of you and your work (and therefore the work of all advocates).


Watch Susan finding out she is the recipient of the award for 2017 in an introduction by DAI Chair, and a conversation with DAI board member, Brian Le Blanc:

Susan thoroughly deserves the 2017 Richard Taylor Memorial Award for her service to DAI, and although Richard was one of eight DAI co-founders, she have devoted herself tirelessly to carrying on the work and advocacy for all people with dementia, in spite of her changing health. Susan is a role model to the millions of people already diagnosed with dementia, and one that most of all, we are all honored to call a friend.

DAI is very proud of Susan, and thanks her for her tireless work, patience, humour and support of our members. She are extremely deserving of the 2017 Richard Taylor Memorial Advocates Award. Congratulations from us all.

Here are some quotes from DAI members on why Susan deserves this award, as told to us by either by those who nominated her, or those who know her well and have seen her shining example of advocacy:

“Susan is a beautiful lady with a grateful heart, and represents dementia positively rather than as a “death sentence”. She sees it as a new journey worth every bit of fighting to live and to use her strengths, rather than focus on what she can no longer do. She struggles daily without giving up, or into others claims. Like Richard Taylor, she is not afraid to tell it as it is. Richard always said ‘stand up and speak out’, and Susan continues to do that, with grace and love. She is grateful for anyone’s help, recommendations and actions, and always speaks and acts with love.”

“Susan Suchan is a role model to all people with dementia, she herself living with a form of dementia that includes Primary Progressive Aphasia, which has impacted her ability to communicate easily. In spite of this, she continues to speak out tirelessly, and has worked with a documentary team to tell her story, to ensure her legacy also lives on. Her quest to improve the world for others also diagnosed with dementia is remarkable, and is aligned with the values the late Richard Taylor, and also inspires so many DAI members.”

“In spite of the very real negatives of dementia, Susan has chosen to see the experience as a gift and an opportunity. Susan has chosen to accept it with grace, and through your wisdom and love, has given herself to the world, working for others, and with an acceptance of dementia and all it brings. Because of dementia, we have all had a chance to meet one of the true heroes of dementia.”

Susan Suchan is my vicarious living brilliantly beyond dementia advocate example – A ‘CAN DO’ focus in a failing body but a victorious inclusive spirit, exudes hope, joy and fight for those doing it OK and those for who it is tough – touched by dementia with all its tentacles of influence worldwide. Always looking outward, upward and around to include everyone. A true champion and worthy recipient of the Richard Taylor Memorial Advocates Award.”

Dear Susan, We may not have met in the flesh, but we are kindred spirits. Devoting our lives, to help those who will follow in our footsteps. I have read some of the wonderful things you have done, and I am lost for words in admiration. If ever there was, a worthy recipient of this prestigious award, then it is you. Keep up the good work.” 

“CONGRATULATIONS sweet Susan! You SO deserve this award, we are all SO proud of you . You were one of the first people I met in person 6weeks after my diagnosis of FTD. I will never ever forget your kindness, friendship, laughter & support . You were & still are like a beacon of hope to all of us living with dementia . YOU are truly an inspiration to many & loved by so many . Thank you also to your precious family who have supported & allowed us to ” share ” you! You Rock xxxxx” 

You can tune into her documentary updates here…