Peer-to-Peer Support Groups

DAI members facilitate and provide online Peer-to-Peer support groups for people with dementia through Facebook and Zoom (online video conferencing). You must be a member of DAI to be eligible to participate, which is free and you can join here. Online support groups are ideal for those who cannot drive to their local “in person” support group or who live in isolated areas with limited access to services.

Each support group has its own hosts, and runs autonomously, which is a recent change from having one global support group manager, to ensure that our groups continue in the case of one person suddenly being unable to manage them due to health changes or a resignation.

Occasionally we are asked if peer-to-peer groups really work; it is clear they do, as well proven by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) which was founded in 1935 by Bill Wilson and Dr. Robert Smith.

You can download a  recently updated flyer about them here: DAI Global Peer-to-Peer Support Groups_November 2017

Please note, you need to save the flyer above as a PDF for the links in it to become active.

These support groups are run by people with dementia, for people with dementia, and is a meeting place for people diagnosed with all dementias including Alzheimer’s disease and all other types of dementia.

Online Support Groups

DAI provides facilitated online peer to peer support groups for people with dementia. Here we create a safe environment to share your thoughts, feelings or to just talk about your day with a group of like-minded people whom you will soon come to call your friends.

We use ZOOM online video conferencing to create an experience that is much like sitting around with a group of friends. If you have a webcam and mic, or an iPad or Android tablet or phone, you can see and hear the other participants. No typing is required for those who find typing and spelling a challenge, and these support groups are NEVER RECORDED.

DAI Support Group Information and Guidelines 2017

We have professional produced support group guidelines, for the facilitators and hosts, and for members who are attending. You can download them here… DAI Peer to Peer Support Group Information and Guidelines Copyright Updated 2017

If you wish to use these guidelines in your own organisation, please contact us at [email protected] regarding copyright and referencing.

It is a confidential DAI members only forum, and it is not appropriate for professionals or interested others to attend.

The only ‘rule’ is on confidentiality; anything said in the group, stays in the group. Respect and dignity for all, as well as providing a safe and empowering environment are some of our goals.

Currently there are now a number of online peer to peer support groups: two that serve North America, Central America and Canada, one that serves members in UK and Europe, and two that serve members in Australia, Japan, Indonesia and NZ.

We have held a support group in Nigeria but internet access is the biggest challenge. We also hope to support the development of a regular support groups in other countries.

For more information or to join a support group, please email us here [email protected] or contact us via the Contact Us form.

Facebook Group(s) for People With Dementia

Be part of an active and growing Facebook group that is exclusive to people with dementia only, thus providing a space where participants can speak freely and receive support from others sharing the same experience. There are a number of other Facebook groups beyond the one that is for DAI members. For more information, send us an email through the Contact Us form.

Of, By, and For People with Dementia

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