Blogs and websites by people with dementia

Here we showcase a number of blogs (Websites or Facebook blogs) written by people with dementia. If you know of other people  diagnosed with dementia who write blogs, please contact us.

Creating life with words: Inspiration love and truth and Living Beyond Dementia™ by Kate Swaffer

Early Onset Atypical Alzheimers by John Sandblom

When The Fog Lifts, by Howard Gordon

Living with dementia as well as I can, by George Rook

Which Me Am I Today? by Wendy Mitchell

My Voyage with Dementia, by Bob Murray

Chrissy’s Journey, by Christine Thelker

In the Moment, by Bobby Redman

Val’s Journey: Dementia is a word, not a sentence, by Valerie Schache

A Glorious Opportunity, by Dr Jennifer Bute

My Thoughts On Dementia, by Harry Urban

Dementia Middle Stages, by Myrna Norman

Dementia Can Be More Than Memory: by Agnes Houston MBE.

Suddenly Mad: My Voyage Through Early Alzheimer’s, by Minna Packer

Living well with Lewy Body Dementia and Comorbidities, by Ken Clasper

Dementia Survivor… so far, by Chris Roberts

I am living well with dementia by John Quinn

Lewy Body Dementia: Living Beyond Diagnosis, by Robert Bowles

Alzheimer’s: The Journey, by Brian Le Blanc

FTD doesn’t bring me flowers: living with FTD, by Cindy Odell

Norman McNamara –

Of, By, and For People with Dementia

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