Blogs and websites by people with dementia

Here we showcase a number of blogs written by people with dementia,  and a few other sites supporting people with dementia and their families. If you know of others you believe would be a valuable resource to add here, please advise DAI via the contact form.

Richard Taylor, PhD: The late Dr Richard Taylor was an amazing man living well with dementia, and an advocate for people with dementia (This site may not longer be available)

Creating life with words: Inspiration love and truthKate Swaffer writes daily about living with dementia, and advocates for people with dementia. She also writes about Living Beyond Dementia™ here.

EarlyOnsetAtypicalAlzheimersJohn Sandblom writes about his experience of living with younger onset dementia.

Dementia Can Be More Than Memory is a blog by Agnes Houston MBE, from Scotland, also one of the inaugural members of the Scottish Dementia Working Group.

Living well with Lewy Body DementiaKen Clasper is 66 and has lived with young onset dementia with Lewy bodies since his mid-50’s.  He writes a regular blog.

Dementia Survivor… so farChris Roberts is in his early 50’s and has been diagnosed with young onset Alzheimer’s disease.  He writes a regular blog.

carmodym: Mick Carmody, a lovely Aussie bloke from Queensland,d hosting out online support groups there,  writes a fabulous blog of poems,of his experience of living with dementia, and the love for his family.

Which Me Am I Today?: Blog by Wendy, a person with dementia

I am living well with dementia: John Quinn lives with young onset dementia in Queensland

Ken Clasper –

Dr Jennifer Bute –

Robert Bowles

Brian Le Blanc

Norman McNamara –


Of, By, and For People with Dementia

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