Update of DAI’s free services and support


For our new members and supporters, we say welcome, and we also felt it important to highlight what DAI offers. It might be useful for all members and supporters to review the lists, as we have added to our suite of free services the last few months. A reminder also that DAI is run by people with dementia, with very limited funds, operating from an annual budget of less than $50,000/year. We still have no paid staff, although are lucky to have some volunteers.

Free services for DAI members only:

  • Free membership
  • Weekly online peer-to-peer support groups
  • Buddying/mentoring of individual members as members are available
  • Two online discussion forums, soon to go live
  • We have previously hosted a support group for people with more advanced forms of Aphasia; this is always an option but we do need members interested in attending
  • A monthly online Cafe Le Brain and Open members meeting
  • Opportunties to get involved though our Action Group
  • Support to write and submit abstracts, to attend conferences

Free sevices for members & the global dementia community of carers, academics and professionals:

  • A monthly Educational Webinar with eminent speakers, on current topics relevant to dementia
  • Opportunities to be involved in research projects and focus groups
  • The new Brain Health Hub Facebook page and weekly brain health meeting (open to anyone trying to focus on brain health for  MCI, their own dementia, or someone they support)
  • Publications (limited, but we do have a few in progress)
  • DAI has also offered the use of it’s Zoom paid subscription to care partners, and to members of the LGBTI community, to run their own support groups, but to date, no one has taken up our offer
  • Weekly blogs
  • Monthly e-News updates
  • Occasional Newsletters, “The Advocate” (quarterly, when possible), where we share the stories of members and care partners or family members
  • Active social media channels, including FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn
  • YouTube channel with free content


See our blog published a few years ago titled “Presenting at conferences: A few guidelines” which is about submitting abstracts and presenting at conferences and other events.

So far, we have had many members submit abstracts for ADI Chicago in July. The abstracts for Chicago close at 11:59 PM on February 7, 2018, so there is still time to submit.

Contact us know if you need any assisstance.

DAI will also have some bursaries (sponsorship) again this year, and will send more information out to members as soon as possible. Fornow, we are working hard on fundraising strategies to support as many members as possible to attend.

Please also let us know if you like the new more user friendly version of our website, or if there are more changes that would be helpful.