Support for young carers

Deborah Dewi is a young woman from Indonesia who has recently set up a Facebook page for young carers*, specifically under the age of 40 called Young Caregivers Unite. If you have younger onset dementia and your children need support, this isĀ a new online support group that may support them. Her mum was diagnosed with younger onset dementia more than a year ago, and after her fathers sudden death, she has become the main carer for her mum.

Alzheimer’s Australia also have a website for young carers.Ā Children impacted by dementia in their family can now seek information and support from a new website,, launched by Alzheimerā€™s Australia Vic today.Ā The interactive, age appropriate site gives children the opportunity to learn more about dementia, watch other children share their experiences in videos, play games and share their own stories.

There are a few other Facebook pages, including Young Adult Caregivers,Ā Young Adult Children with Parents with Younger-Onset Alzheimer’s / Dementia, andĀ Young caregivers and their stories!

*Ā Please note, we have used the terms carer or caregiver on this page, as children would probably not consider themselves care partners to a parent or grandparent with dementia.

For your information, it is worth knowing that the World Dementia Council, and some parts of the World Health Organisation haveĀ replaced the words carer and caregiver with care partner.


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