Dementia Resources

This page is under constant review; as we find more resources to support and educate people with dementia we will add them here. If you find a publication, resource, website or organisation that you think will help others, please contact us. Please also go to our page which lists the websites of many relevant organisations.

Dementia Australia Dementia Language GuidelinesĀ 

Core principles for involving people with dementia in research; The Scottish Dementia Working Group Research Sub-group.

Dementia Words Matter: guidelines on language about dementia

ā€˜Nothing Ventured nothing gainedā€™: Risk Guidance for people with dementia.Ā 

Person Centred Language Guidelines, Azheimer’s Canada

Let’s talk about dementia: A post diagnostic resource by the Scottish Dementia Working Group “please don’t label me, I am more than my dementia.”

The Murray Alzheimerā€™s Research and Education Program (MAREP) has a list of publications, By Us For Us series of guides, specifically for people with dementia, written by people with dementia.

Of, By, and For People with Dementia

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