People with Dementia have other health issues too…

Christine Thelker, Canada

A member of DAI, Christine Thelker who spoke brilliantly in Chicago recently wrote this for us to share with our members today, as some mbemers, or their partner or amilies are currently experiencing significant non-dementia health issues, some very life threatening.

Christine speaks:

“There are the days and moments that people don’t see, the times one of our Dementia family struggles with the health challenges that crop up or when they have to watch their own loved ones cope with health challenges which leave their health vulnerable.

It is in those times that if the world could see, they would see a family of people from around the globe, stand together to offer support, prayers, love, to wrap those in need in a cloak of love and protection, full of compassion, under standing the special challenges, fears and decisions, never is there a question or point of if one is making the right or wrong choice, only the support and love to help them with whatever their choices are, because we “get it”, this speaks volumes to the very special organization that Dementia Alliance International and it’s people are.

Language / Country/ Time Differences are not barriers, we are all so intimately connected there are no barriers…and some days it takes us all standing together to carry the worry and pain in our hearts…. today please pray for all of our warriors who are so bravely fighting challenges over and above our normal ones.”

Christine Thelker © 2018
You can follow her on inspiring Facebook paged called Chrissy’s Journey to read more of her daily thoughts on facing up to life with dementia as positively as she possibly can.