DAI Action Group

Previously known as the Circle of Friends, this was renamed the DAI Action Group in 2017. DAI Board members Jerry Wylie, Maria Turner and John Sandblom are leading this group. Let us know if you would like to join this incredible team. We meet monthly on the 3rd Friday (USA/CA) – Saturday (AU/NZ) if you’d like … Continue reading DAI Action Group

Dementia Awareness Week UK Day 1

Research wrap #5: Reviews from ADI2015 By Dr Ian McDonald, Alzheimer’s Australia Science Communicator Thank you Ian. This week, we are publishing a blog each day as part of  Dementia Awareness Week in the UK, and with permission, I am commencing the series with three blogs written by Dr Ian McDonald, the Science Communicator at Alzheimer’s Australia, who … Continue reading Dementia Awareness Week UK Day 1

The value of being together

The DAI Action Group has become very active, and is currently working  on various projects for our members, including fundraising to enable DAI to sponsor as many of our members (and their care partners) as possible to attend the ADI Chicago conference in July this year. At the Action Group meeting today, one member asked how … Continue reading The value of being together