Our February Webinar

Our February “DAI: A Meeting of The Minds” Webinar, “Raising dementia awareness amongst primary school children”, presented by Dr Pippa Burns is now available on our YouTube channel. We encourage others to get involved in projects like this, and know that Pippa is keen to connect with you.

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Project DARE (Dementia knowledge, Art, Research and Education) is a novel program that it seeks to increase awareness of dementia amongst primary school children. It was developed by a multidisciplinary team, to target children aged 8-10 years, using a variety of subjects and teaching strategies that had been matched to the curriculum.

Pippa is a Lecturer in Research & Critical Analysis at the University of Wollongong. She has extensive experience working in health, across sectors, including experience researching and evaluating programs conducted in real-world settings, such as schools, hospitals, aged-care facilities and the community. Pippa is currently involved in research across three main areas: health literacy; medication misadventure and delirium and dementia.

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Pippas slides can be downloaded here: DAI February 2018 Webinar_Dr Pippa Burns_23012018