Welcome to Dementia Alliance International (DAI).

As we are an organization of, by, and for people with dementia, it is currently only people with a confirmed diagnosis of dementia who qualify to join DAI. Membership in DAI is free and open to people with dementia of any type and in any country.

If you are a person with a diagnosis of dementia who would like to:

  • be part of a global community of others with dementia where members support and encourage each other to live well with dementia, and
  • join others in advocating against the stigma, isolation and discrimination of dementia.

…then DAI is for you!

Please complete the membership application form below below.

If you do not have dementia but would like to receive DAI news and notices of webinars and classes, please subscribe to our mailing list and our blog by clicking on section on the left of the home page.

People with dementia, including DAI members are also encouraged to subscribe to the newsletter and blog, to stay up to date with DAI updates, other relevant news, research updates, new resources, and other articles of interest.


A membership coordinator will email you soon. All information is kept confidential and is never shared or sold.

Of, By, and For People with Dementia

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