It’s that time of year again!

Yes, it is almost World Alzheimer’s Month 2020 (Dementia Awareness Month) which means it is time for the Richard Taylor Memorial Advocates Award.  * DAI prefers to call September Dementia Awareness Month as we don’t wish to exclude people who don’t have the Alzheimer’s type of dementia.

Hence, we are pleased to announce that nominations are now open for the annual Richard Taylor Memorial Advocates Award, and are open until September 14, 2020.

Richard was one of the eight co founders of DAI, and a remarkable advocate; this annual award is to honour his vision and work, and the work of the many pioneer advocates so many of us have known, some who are still be active including our recently retired board member,  James McKillop who was the recipient of this prestigious  award in 2019.

About the award

This award is  presented annually, on World Alzheimer’s Day, which is September 21, 2020, and is open to DAI members who have been an active DAI member for a period of no less than one calendar year. No monetary award will be included.

It is awarded to a person who has accomplished much as defined by the Board of Directors for the betterment of DAI and all people with dementia.

Nominations may be made by the nominee or by a DAI member, and will be accepted from all current DAI members.

All nominations must include one page (or more) detailing why the person you are nominating is deserving of this award; it must outline activities relating to the betterment of the organisation (DAI) and may include other advocacy activities outside of the organisation.

A process of voting by the Board of Directors of DAI will decide on the recipient of this award. All decisions are final.

All nominations will be accompanied by a letter of application to include a description of the applicants history of any work done for the betterment of DAI in their history of membership, and must include a recent photograph (profile).

The award winner accepts that the winners name will become public including written in any publication, announced in any public arena, and all social communication venues, and their photograph may be included in these announcements.

Download the 2020 Nomination form here.

If you need any assistance in completing it, or have any queries about this award, please contact us at [email protected]