Hello, my name is Tomofumi Tanno

It is Day 22 of the #DAI #Hello my name is series for #WAM2018, and we have the privilege of sharing a story written by our friend and colleague in Japan, Tomofumi Tanno. A few DAI members had met him in Kyoto, and long time pioneer advocate from Scotland has collaborated with him for a few years. Tomofumi also has published a book: Together with Tanno Tomi Fumiga – tanno tomofumi egao de ikiru ninchishiyou to tomo ni

I, it is dementia 

By Tomofumi Tanno 44 years old 
August 28, 2018 column [translated using free Google Translator and published with permission]

Although it is my first meeting, “Alumni Association” … a journey in Chicago I met a dementia party in the world!

The international conference of the International Alzheimer’s Association was held in Chicago, USA, for four days from the 26th last month. I also came to Japan on 24th to attend.

I exchange opinions with the Australian, American, Canadian parties once a month using Web conferencing software “Zoom”. English is totally useless, but everyone’s friends and Japanese women living in Australia do interpretation and there is no inconvenience. As the parties often share, I always feel a conversation.

I heard that their friends participate in this international conference from their respective countries, and I decided to go. I made a lecture abstract summarizing what I want to tell everyone from Japan living with dementia in the Japanese, I translated it into English and entered it.

Finally a member of the web conference … cross the language barrier and interact.

An Alumni Association of people with dementia

Image source: Kumiko Mugomi 2018 Left to right: Jerry Wylie, Tomofumi Tanno, Christine Thelker, Kate Swaffer, Mike Belleville

Actually, I have never met with many of the members of “Zoom” directly. However, I always do not feel like having a face for the first time thanks to matching the face on the personal computer screen. I felt like I met my old friend again. Other people seemed to feel the same way, and they said “everything is like an alumni association”.

There was a rest room for the parties at the venue, and it was a place to interact. I had an interpreter interpreter by someone near me and talking with gestures, but I could break down immediately and I felt almost no wall of words.

“We are experts in dementia.”

Consciousness to change society

I repeatedly heard the word “Dementia expert” at the conference. Our parties living with dementia are the “experts of dementia”.

After a researcher’s presentation, the parties who came in the venue raised their hands and asked, “Does the research team have people with dementia?” Then, when I heard that there is not, I criticized himself as “Is there any meaning to invest funds for research done without listening to the opinions of the parties?” And stated, “By using us for better research; Please appeal. ”

Among the parties in Europe and the United States and Australia in particular, there is a strong awareness that “we change society”. It is hard to imitate me to criticize the research of scholars from the top, but I am impressed with the attitude of the parties and proud to participate actively with society.













DAI’s vision is “A World where people with dementia are fully valued and included.”

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