Helga Rohra speaks at ADI2015

This week we are posting the speech given by one of our Board members, Helga Rohra, who is also Chair of the European Dementia Working Group. She was an invited keynote speaker on Day 2, asked to present on her life diagnosed with dementia. Helga’s presentation was poignant, funny, honest and very professional, and she was a shining star at the conference. When I have time. I’ll try and transcribe her speech to add as notes. Thank you for sharing your life with us all Helga.

It is important to note, that in Helga’s introduction, it was incorrectly stated she is the Chair of the first Dementia Working Group to have been set up in the world. Helga is Chair of the European Working Group, operating since 2012, but in fact, the very first working group, The Scottish Dementia Working Group,  was set up in 2002.  DASNI was set up two years before that, but has not remained exclusive to people with dementia, so there are six Dementia Working Groups around the world, where membership is exclusive to people with dementia, as is Dementia Alliance International.

Editor: Kate Swaffer