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There are many ways to get involved as a member of DAI, either more actively or not, with Dementia Alliance International.

Follow us on our YouTube channel, where we have a number of video recordings of Webinars, Master Classes and conference presentations.

To become a member click in the GREEN box  that says CLICK HERE TO BECOME A MEMBER. It is FREE, and exclusive to people with dementia.

Anyone can SUBSCRIBE TO OUR BLOG VIA EMAIL by clicking on the BLUE box .

Anyone can subscribe to our mailing list and newsletter by clicking on the BLACK box.

Members are very welcome to get involved in the following ways:

  1. Contribute your stories to our blog or newsletter; please send them to us and we will see if we can fit them in.
  2. Join our DAI Action Group and become involved in projects, for example joining our Speakers Bureau or becoming part of our other smaller teams. This group is currently being reactivated, and members are invited to get involved, as well as give us your ideas.
  3. Consider nominating to become a member of our Board at the next election (next election of Board members is November 2017) or ways you can support the current Board of Directors.
  4. Join the online CaféLe Brain, currently being run monthly jointly with the weekly Members Open Meeting. It is always the second Tuesday/Wednesday of each month.
  5. Members can join the PRIVATE Facebook group. To join the Facebook support group, please send John Sandblom a friend request at
  6. If you would like to get involved in a weekly online support group, please let us know and we will get you added to one as soon as possible. Contact us at [email protected]

Others, including members can get involved in other ways:

Anyone can subscribe to our weekly blog by clicking on the BLUE box saying SUBSCRIBE TO BLOG VIA EMAIL. Subscribing means you will receive the blogs into your inbox when they are published. Anhyone can subscribe to the blog.

Anyone can subscribe to our mailing list; click on the BLACK box to add your details. Anyone can become a supporter by subscribing to our newsletter.

People with dementia, carers, professionals, nurses, medical practitioners, service providers… anyone can subscribe to keep up to date  with our activities, and other events such as Masterclasses and other online Webinars or recordrd conference presentations.

Whether you are a member or supporter, you may also wish to donate to support our work. Please contact us if you would like to hold a fundraising event, and we can help you with support material specifically for your event, formatted in a way to make it simple for you to print.

Please note, your details will NEVER be shared in any way, and will remain CONFIDENTIAL at all times.

Of, By, and For People with Dementia

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