Featuring Wendy Mitchell, Day 6 #DAM2015

It is Day 6 of Dementia Awareness Month 2015 #DAM2015 and rather than reinvent the wheel the next few days, I thought we should highlight some of the other wonderful blogs by people living with dementia around the world.

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Starting with Wendy Mitchell, whose blog titled Which Me AM I today, is definitely worth reading.

The header she uses on her blog, pictured above is wonderful.

There are definitely days, when one is living with dementia, that we wonder who we are, who we are becoming, and which parts of our old selves are missing in action! It is a strange phenomenon, and although we change every day, and we change after other illnesses and personal crises, the changes brought on be dementia ‘feel’ a bit different.

Many people with dementia get involved in being interviewed for the media, and Wendy wrote about her involvement with them this week;

Media – the good and frustrating elements.

Wendy closed her blog with this:

The audience are unaware of what I want to say and didn’t. The kind comments that people take the trouble to email, contact through the blog or Tweet make it all worth while. One such comment from the many this time made the frustrations of this media appearance very worth while…….

“I don’t feel quite so scared now. Thankyou. I will be following your blog”

The final quote from someone who had heard her speak, is why so many of us STAND UP AND SPEAK OUT.

Please do go to Wendy’s blog and read her personal stories of living with dementia. She was diagnosed with younger onset dementia when she was 59 years old.