DAI Action Group

Previously known as the Circle of Friends, this was renamed the DAI Action Group in 2017. DAI Board members Jerry Wylie, Maria Turner and John Sandblom are leading this group. Let us know if you would like to join this incredible team.

We meet monthly on the 3rd Friday (USA/CA) – Saturday (AU/NZ) if you’d like to join us. The times are listed below:

The 3rd Friday of each month (USA/CA):
– 2:30 PM PST ‚Äď Oregon
– 4:30 PM CST Chicago and Des Moines
– 5:30 PM Toronto

The 3rd Saturday of each month (AU/NZ):
– 7:00 AM Adelaide
– 7:30 AM Brisbane
– 9:00AM Auckland

Please check your time here if note listed: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

Current Action Group Members:

  • John Sandblom
  • Jerry Wylie
  • Maria Turner
  • Kate Swaffer
  • Christine Thelker
  • Carole Mulliken
  • Michael Belleville
  • Kris McDougall
  • Roger Marple
  • Paul Lea
  • Dallas Dixon
  • Alister Robertson
  • Eileen Taylor

Two new Senior Leadership roles:

DAI Technical Consultant and Developer
Michael Belleville (USA)

This is a senior consulting or advisory role to the DAI Board and our members generally, to provide technical support if and when required. We see great potential for this the role to develop new programs and support initiatives including online tech support groups. Mie already hosts a monthly IT cafe, and DAI members can join that; Mike may also eventually host a DAI specific IT Cafe or Hub, to support members with the advantages of IT, and any glitches they may be having.

As an example of a new IT development within DAI, we are in the early stages of developing short training videos on how to use zoom, led by Dennis Frost in Australia. We  see the person in this position work closely with him to get them finalised. Our marketing person then brands all materials developed with DAI logo and copyright, so that we have consistency in all of our materials including videos.

DAI Research and Blog Content Developer
Valerie Schache (Australia)

This role ¬†includes regularly attending our online cafes and other member¬†meetings, and keeping up with social media sites used by the ‚Äėglobal dementia¬†community‚Äô, in order to engage with our members and our care partners to get a¬†sense of what topics our members would like us to find speakers for,¬†then find speakers, and connect with them to refer to us to¬†discuss further, and hopefully find a date for them to present on our Webinar¬†calendar.

We hope this would then develop into a second role where you find and engage¬†with academics or even product developers (of interest to dementia ‚Äď not for them to¬†use DAI for a sales and marketing site) to write a monthly article of interest to our¬†members for a monthly Research Blog, which we used to have, and have not had¬†anyone to do regularly. It would need to be on a relevant research topic, but written¬†in language that may still be quite technical or academic. It should also be user¬†friendly.

Our major outcomes from this position is to provide information for our members,¬†and empowering the professional dementia community to write for the end users,¬†the people most interested in the research.¬†We hope this might also develop into supporting members to write their stories for¬†our Members stories page on our website, which would first be featured as a blog.‚Ä̬†By searching ‚ÄúResearch Wrap‚ÄĚ on our website it directs you to a number of articles,¬†to see the style and topics we have previously published, and from¬†feedback, we know members enjoyed reading.

Of, By, and For People with Dementia

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