Café Le Brain

cafe le brain logoCafé Le Brain is DAI’s online cafe, where we enjoy discussion, support, and some laughter too!

Our online cafes are open to people with dementia and their families, friends or care partners who support them.

Global Café Le Brain

Join your friends at Café Le Brain – the online Cafe that uses  technology to bring people together from far away.

Café Le Brain recommences soon, on the third Tuesday / Wednesday of every month, starting in January, as a celebration of our third birthday party.

The format may evolve, as these meetings take place each month, based on what members want. For example, you may decide to invite family and friends, have a guest speaker, or on some months, make it exclusive to members. It is your café, and therefore, it is up to you.

People living with the symptoms of dementia and their care partners are welcome to attend. It’s easy to join and fun to attend!

Australian/NZ/Japan Café Le Brain

Currently we are not hosting Cafe Le Brain in the Australian/NZ timezone. However if you would like us to consider doing so, please Contact us at Dementia Alliance International

Of, By, and For People with Dementia

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