Dr Daniel Potts, “Learning from Patients and Families”

In May 2019 DAI was delighted to host one of our “A Meeting Of The Minds”  Webinars, “Learnings from Patients and Families”, presented by Dr Daniel Potts.  We thank Dr Potts sincerely for giving up his time, and sharing his incredible insights, expertise and learnings, as well as his own deeply personal story. You can watch it now, if you missed attending on the day.

About the webinar: A neurologist and care partner for his father, Lester, who became an artist after the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, Daniel Potts found his life and practice have changed because of the experience with his father. He feels the experience has produced greater empathy, compassion, and understanding, which has increased his own effectiveness as a physician and educator. Dr. Potts will highlight his experience with his father, show some of Lester’s art, will speak about specific ways his practice has changed, and will give some suggestions that may be helpful for other providers. Additionally, he will discuss some realistic expectations persons living with dementia and care partners should have of their providers and looks forward to gaining knowledge and understanding from the webinar audience, as well.

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