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Jerry Wylie, our Vice Chair and support group host talks candidly about his experience of being diagnosed with dementia, and why everyone should consider donating to Dementia Alliance International (DAI), and why organisations and individuals should partnering with DAI or Sponsoring us.

There is one new diagnosis every 3 seconds somewhere in the world, and our membership is growing rapidly. This also means, every three seconds one person has their life, as they knew it, taken away. In short, every three seconds, a persons life is thrown in the bin; DAI initially started to support them, and the 50 million currently living with dementia.

For more information on becoming a sponsor, strategic or corporate partner, associate or individual donor, more information is available here:

Donations and partnerships, or collaborations in research projects are currently our main source of revenue, and they support the global activism for our human rights, and the grass roots education and support we do, which really does make a difference to the lives of people diagnosed with dementia, and our families.

If you are still thinking about it, please do consider helping us by supporting Dementia Alliance International with a donation.  PayPal is the “processor” but a PayPal account is NOT necessary to donate.

If you prefer to send a check, then make your check payable to Dementia Alliance International and post it to PO Box 582, Ankeny, IA 50021-0582.

Or, if you’d prefer to make an electronic funds wire transfer, please contact us for our bank details at [email protected]


We pour a tremendous amount of love, sweat and our souls, as well as time, thought and resources into Dementia Alliance International, which remains free for all people with dementia and our families. If you find it helps you, your clients, or a family member, please consider supporting us by making a donation.

Dementia Alliance International is a U.S. nonprofit corporation (organizationally based  for legal purposes but operates globally) that is certified by the I.R.S. as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (charity) so all donations by U.S. citizens are tax deductible. If you are in another country, please consult your tax professional as to whether it might be tax deductible. We are working on solutions to create the same tax status in other countries.

You donations do make a difference as they support people with dementia to support themselves. 

  • $US 5.00 covers the cost of one monthly bank fee
    $US 50.00
    covers the cost of our monthly Zoom subscription fee $US 100.00 covers the monthly cost of the MailChimp subscription
  • $US 300.00 covers the cost of 3 months of website management fees

Option: Our nonprofit partner, PayPal charges us a transaction fee to cover fees and other processing costs, to securely process your donation. Please consider adding an additional small amount to your donation so 100% of your donation amount goes to Dementia Alliance International.

And if you’ve already donated, from the bottom of our hearts, we THANK YOU.

Of, By, and For People with Dementia

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