Diagnosed with Dementia: What’s Next?

For Day 2 of Dementia Awareness Month 2015, we are sharing the first Master Class we held during this month in 2014.

Video of master class held September 3, 2014

Sid Yudowitch, USA (DAI Member)
Sue Stephen, Canada (DAI Board Member)

After receiving a diagnosis of dementia (and recovering from the shock), one of the questions most people ask is “What Next?”

Often the answer is to “quit your job, make out your will, and go home and relax.”

At Dementia Alliance International, we call this “Prescribed Disengagement” – disengage from the world around you, prepare for the worst, and go home and wait for the inevitable.

Except that the “inevitable” can sometimes take 5, 10, or 20 years. What do you do in the meantime?

The lack of control over one’s future can be very disconcerting.

In this DAI Master Class you will hear from two people who each have their own story of diagnosis with dementia, and who will share their wisdom about how you can gain control over your future and plan for a fulfilling life post-diagnosis.

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Note: Due to a number of challenges, we have not been able to organise holding Master Classes again this year, however, there is plenty of other news to share this month, as well as being able to share all of the things we have produced to date.

This will be helpful for new members, and is a good reminder of the great things we have already achieved with little funding and minimal other support.