“Dementia is not just about old people” #DAM2015 Day 28

Image source: Amazon.com.uk
Image source: Amazon.com.uk

There are some very important messages in the most recent book, Living Better with Dementia written by Dr Shibley Rahman, number two of his trilogy on improving the care of people with dementia and their families.

In fact, his first book, Living Well with Dementia: The Importance of the Person and the Environment for Wellbeing in this trilogy has just been awarded the first prize British Medical Association  Book of the Year Award. I have read both books, and can highly recommend them as very readable for anyone who is not an academic or who has a health background.

As part of his commitment to people with dementia, Shibley has put together a series of very succinct slides, with quotes from his books, which I am sharing here. Whilst he may have had a chequered history, although I’d venture to say most of us have, his willingness to share freely with the members of DAI and the dementia sector in general is extraordinary. We felt it worth sharing these short quotes for Day 28 of Dementia Awareness Month 2015. 

Source for all images in this gallery: Shibley Rahman © 2015

Note from the editor: DAI does usually promote peoples ‘products’, but these books are truly ground breaking, and will go a long way to improving the care pf those of us diagnosed, and those people who are supporting us. They are already greatly influencing the dementia care sector, and the field of dementia in general, as evidenced by the BMW best book of the year award.

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