Dementia-friendly street party #DAM2015

For Day 19 of World Alzheimer’s Month 2015, or as we have been calling it Dementia Awareness Month 2015, #DAM2015, we wanted to share the fabulous idea of a dementia friendly street party, from one of our members Edie and her partner Anne based in Victoria, Australia.

Image source: Screen shot from
Image source: Screen shot from

The article, Novel idea – dementia-friendly street party to de-stigmatise condition was posted on Dementia Daily, an Alzheimer’s Australia online newsletter.

“Edie and Anne are a couple from Victoria. Edie is living with younger onset dementia. Edie and Anne are calling for the “more informed” among us to take action and assist in spreading helpful and positive messages to de-stigmatise dementia and create more dementia-friendly communities.

And what better way to celebrate than with a big dementia-friendly street party? #ItStartsWithYou

Read the full article here…

Let’s all think about organising a dementia friendly street party soon, or at least as part of our Christmas celebrations?


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