DAI’s Peer to peer support groups, by John Sandblom

We are starting Dementia Awareness Week UK, with a presentation by DAI co-founder, John Sandbom on the value of Peer-to-peer support groups. If you live in the UK, and want to get involved there this week, follow the link in the image here.

As part of the support the DAI offers its members, it has online support groups for members that meet from around the world.
During a presentation made at ADI2016, Eileen Taylor, a current board member and the secretary of DAI said:

“As I said earlier, from a personal perspective, since finding and joining DAI, and being involved as I am, has certainly been a very empowering experience, to belong to such a group. As you can see and hear, I’m talking to you today, and have recently become the DAI secretary, and co-host, of two of the online support groups. So I thank DAI, for having faith in me, and giving me the opportunity to participate in their work.”

Johns presentation: “DAI’s Peer to peer support groups”

You can download his slides here: DAI Peer to Peer Support Groups by John Sandblom_ADI Kyoto_Friday 28 April 2018

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