DAI Art Auction

Wally Cox is a DAI board member and peer to peer support group co-host and a truly wonderful person. He has donated one of his original Artworks for us to Auction this week.

Thank you Wally.

Details: DAI Silent Art Auction

Original painting by Wally Cox
12×10 inch Watercolor (unframed)

Note: View the attached watercolour has been added here with a watermark to protect the original artwork.

About Wally Cox: Wally lives positively with dementia and is an active DAI board member and peer to peer support group host, and also advocates with his local Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Society. He is an amazing artist, and you will not be disappointed with your purchase of one of his watercolours. Check out his Facebook page for posts of some of his other art.

Guidelines and instructions: The online Auction means the person with the highest donation received in the period September 14 – 18, 2020 will be the winner. Wally will then contact you for your address to post the original artwork.

When making donations, please note that Wally and his wife Patricia have offered to pay for the costs of your packing and postage (shipping) to receive the painting.  We ask you are mindful of this when making your donation; an extra amount towards this hard cost would be appreciated.


Thank you Wally.

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