COVID-19 Resources

Updated on June 6, 2020 – During these truly difficult and unprecedented times, we are bringing together news, resources, stories, advice and support for the global dementia community, and especially DAI members wh live with dementia.

This web page is dedicated to resources and information relating to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic; we aim to update it on a regular basis, and today have added a number of links to additional resources.

Our strongest weapons are collaboration and co-operation, so please email us if you have relevant resources.

The daily updates from the World Health Organisation and so many others are helpful, although sometimes, added to the almost minute-by-minute news reports, they can also be overwhelming!  We hope this new COVID-19 Resource page helps you to find reliable advice, and online support.

Let’s all work together to ensure all people with dementia and their families, and all others,  are safe and well, and that our rights are not being breached at this difficult time.

Please contact your national or local Alzheimer’s organisation if not listed above.

DAI has the following COVID-19 infographics translated into some other languages, to support people with dementia globally. Current translations were added on April 26. 2020, in English, Spanish and Italian.



Of, By, and For People with Dementia

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