Communication Challenges – Being Curious, Cautious, and Courageous, by Teepa Snow

In March, we hosted a Webinar with Teepa Snow, which was informative, and very well attended. This week, as part of our Dementia Awareness Week UK #DAW2016 activities, we are adding the recording of it here. Our gratitude to Teepa for her time ad wisdom, and deep knowledge about how to support people with dementia.

Together, we earn from each other, and together respecting and listening to each others unique view points, we can all make a difference.

Please do consider donating, especially if you are employed as you would have paid $45 USD to have attended to listen to Teepa on the day. Our current fundraising campaign can be accessed here…

Your donations help people with dementia support themselves to live with a higher quality of life, and more independence, as well as reducing stigma and discrimination.

Watch the video of Teepa here:

Download the slides here: Teepa Snow: Communication Challenges – Being Curious Cautious and Courageous