Best wishes for the festive season

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish  our members and supporters a peaceful, safe and truly wonderful Christmas or festive season (whatever you refer to it as).  Without our members, DAI would not exist, and without our supporters, DAI would not exist as well as it does. Thank you.

Working together we have become so much stronger, and DAI would also like to thank you all for making our year  as productive and progressive as it has been. There is much to write about in our Annual Report, to be released late January.

Spend the next few days with your special family and frinds, and enjoy your time together as much as you possibly can.

None of us knows what tomorrow will bring, so I often suggest we should aim to “live every day as if it is your last, just in case it is”.

And whilst “being diagnosed with dementia is not as much fun as your birthday party, but there is no reason to die now” (Swaffer, 2012).

Best wishes,

Kate Swaffer
Chair, CEO & Co-founder
On behalf of the Board of Dementia Alliance International