A new Quality of Life measure

ARC Linkage Project – A good life: developing a new quality of life instrument with older Australians for economic evaluation in aged care.

This project sought to develop a suite of quality of life measures or quality of life scale for older personsthat can be used for quality assessment and economic evaluation in aged care across community and residential aged care settings.

In order to be used for economic evaluation, the measures must be preference-based. That means the identified quality of life domains will be weighted according to the importance of those domains to older people.

Unlike other quality of life measures, these measures were developed from their inception with older people.

The project has sought to be inclusive in recruitment, including people with cognitive impairment and dementia if they are able to provide informed consent to participate. Initial eligibility was determined by providers and final eligibility by the research team. Participants were not required to undertake any cognitive testing as part of eligibility determination or for data collection.

In late 2019 the project launched its website which will be updated throughout the project: https://www.qol-acc.org/

Chief Investigator organizations: Flinders University, University of Sydney, Australia National University and Dementia Alliance International, and our Chair Kate Swaffer who is based in Adelaide, has been actively invovled in the project.