Ageism and your health, by Dr Regina Koepp

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Title: Ageism and Your Health
In conversation with: Dr. Regina Koepp


  • Monday, May 10, 2021 (USA/CA/UK/EU)
  • Tuesday, May 11, 2021 (AU/NZ/Asia)

Please note this is one event set in a number of different time zones – it is not on twice.

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About the topic: Ageism costs the U.S. $63 billion and accounts for 1.7million of the most expensive medical and mental health conditions per year. Ageism is a global pandemic disproportionately affecting older adults.

Learn how ageism affects your health and mental health (including dementia), and gain tips for shifting from an ageist view of aging to a more positive one.

In this free presentation, Dr. Koepp will:

  • Summarize three types of ageism and the impact of ageism on older adults’ health and mental health
  • Discuss intersections between age and other identity variables (e.g., disability, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation) related to mental health
  • Identify ways in which ageism influences medical and mental health care, including increasing rates of illness and restricting access to care.
  • List strategies to reduce ageism and promote access to medical and mental health care

About Dr. Regina Koepp: Regina Koepp, PsyD, ABPP is a clinical geropsychologist, and founder and director of the Center for Mental Health & Aging, the “go-to” place online for the mental health care of older adults.

Prior to this, Dr. Koepp was an Assistant Professor at Emory University School of Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and staff psychologist at the Atlanta VA Health Care System (VAHCS), where for more than a decade she provided direct patient care and consultation on the Gero-Psychiatry Outpatient Mental Health team. For several years Dr. Koepp was also a professor of Gerontology at the Brenau University Masters of Applied Gerontology program.

Dr. Koepp is a national leader in the mental health care of older adults and has served on several national, regional, and health care committees dedicated to promoting mental health and brain health for older adults and their families, including the Veteran’s Affairs Central Office Geriatric Mental Field Advisory Committee, the Georgia Gerontology Society’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee, and the Georgia Psychological Association’s Ethics Committee.

Dr. Koepp is creator and host of the Psychology of Aging Podcast where she discusses topics related to mental health and aging. She has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Insider, and is a contributing author at Psychology Today, where she discusses mental health and aging.

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Monday, May 10, 2021 (USA/CA/UK/EU):

  • 2:30 pm Pacific
  • 3:30 pm Mountain
  • 4:30 pm Central
  • 5:30 pm Eastern
  • 10:30 pm London/Glasgow/Dublin UK

Tuesday May 11, 2021 (AU/NZ/ASIA):

  • 5:30 am Perth, AU/Asia
  • 7:00 am Adelaide, AU
  • 7:30 am Sydney/Melbourne/Canberra/Tasmania/Brisbane, AU
  • 9:30 am Auckland, NZ

The presentation runs for 1 hour.

Please check your time here if not listed above.

Thank you.

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