ADI2014 Panel session: Living With Dementia

This is the sixth blog in our weekly series; apologies it is a day later than usual! The video recording being posted today is of the panel session following the Living With Dementia concurrent session at ADI2014 in Puerto Rico. The first 60 seconds of this recording is the fuel beneath our wings, the reason we advocate publicly and up and speak out; the reason, on the days it seems too hard, that we go on.

This wonderful wife of a gentle man living with dementia, stood up and thanked us for sharing our personal stories, and especiaqlly that it is possible to live well with dementia. She and her husband had  felt like their lives were over, and after attending or session, said they could go home knowing it was possible to be able to live well with Mr Dementia in their family.

These moments are when we can feel our proudest, because if in soem small way we positively change the lives of even one person each time we speak out, then the effort is worth it. Please watch our very interesting panel session, also uploaded on our YouTube channel,  here.

ADI2014 – Panel session: Living with dementia