Code of Conduct / Conflict of Interest

In 2016 the board of directors produced a Code of Conduct, specifically for Board members, Support group hosts, other volunteers, and when we can afford them, paid staff. Having paid staff to support our organisation is still very aspirational, but if we had not started dreaming and planning to set up DAI, people without dementia would still be speaking for us.

In 2017, DAI also produced a Conflict of Interest document, to be signed by anyone who wishes to become a Board member, or part of the Action group of Leadership team.

Perhaps the most important messages in both of these documents are the following:

It is expected that DAI Board members, support group hosts, volunteers and staff will:

  • Will at all times act in the best interests of the DAI, in accordance with our Vision and Mission, and the DAI Code of Conduct
  • Will at all times act in a professional manner, including on social media
  • Will at all times put the DAI ahead of personal interests and feelings, and other organisations

It is expected that a DAI Board member, support group host, volunteer or staff will not:

Set themselves up in competition in any way to any of the DAI support, services or activities, including:

  • Will not act on behalf of DAI without Board approval
  • Will not vent personal views on social media or in any public arena about individuals, the organization, or the Board members of DAI
  • Will not run support groups, using the DAI data base or Facebook groups to gain members

Download a copy of the Code of Conduct guidelines here: DAI Code of Conduct, Updated August 2020

Download our Conflict of Interest form here: DAI Conflict of Interest 


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