2019 Board of Directors

Chair and CEO: Kate Swaffer, AU (co-founder)
Vice Chair: Jerry Wylie, USA
Treasurer: John Sandblom, USA (co-founder)
Secretary: Eileen Taylor, AU

Christine Thelker, Canada
Maria Turner, USA
Howard Gordon, UK
James McKillop MBE, Scotland
Bill Turner, Australia
Alister Robertson, NZ
Michael Belleville, USA
Bobby Redman, AU (co-opted)

2019 Elected BOD

On November 20/21, 2018 we held our fourth Annual General Meeting, including voting in a new board for 2019, and we welcome them to the board when their term commences in January 2019.

Special thanks also to our past 2017 Board members and co-opted board members for their time, commitment and hard work, all of which benefits the whole global dementia community.


Of, By, and For People with Dementia

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