Dementia: Language and the media #DAM2015 Day 25

Yet again, during another World Alzheimer’s Month, we have been blitzed by articles and stories in the print, radio and print media about dementia, many of them negative, stigmatising and demeaning, and focused on our deficits. Yet again, many of the stories in the media have been of or by family care partners, researchers or health care … Continue reading Dementia: Language and the media #DAM2015 Day 25

Presenting at conferences: a few guidelines

The theme of this blog has developed after a request on Facebook about how to become a speaker at conferences such as the joint Alzheimer’s Australia and  Alzheimer’s Disease International conference 2015. The image is of a group of us at ADI2012 in London. The process is moderately complicated, although we are actively working each … Continue reading Presenting at conferences: a few guidelines

Happy 4th Birthday DAI

On January 1, 2018, we at Dementia Alliance International celebreated our fourth birthday.  We have definitely come a long way following the aspirations of our founders, and although we have achieved quite a lot, DAI still has much work to do. We welcome you to join us in any or all of our work, and … Continue reading Happy 4th Birthday DAI

The power of people with dementia, by Mick Carmody

DAI Board member and Global Support Group Manager gave the opening keynote speech at the recent Alzheimer’s New Zealand and ADI Regional conference, held in Wellington. You can read his speech and download his slides below. Thank you Mick for representing DAI and all people with dementia with such dedication, passion and commitment. The power … Continue reading The power of people with dementia, by Mick Carmody

Dementia Enabling

Dementia Alliance International is currently working on writing and producing a number of publications, including on what the Dementia Friendly Communities campaigns actually mean to people with dementia. We hope to release this at the ADI Budapest conference in April 2016, and below have added an updated blog about Dementia Friendly Communities and what they mean … Continue reading Dementia Enabling

Resources for people with dementia

This page is slowly being developed, and as we find more resources we feel will support and educate people with dementia we ill add them here. If you find a publication, resource, website or organisation that you think will help others, please let us know. Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Language Guidelines Core principles for involving people … Continue reading Resources for people with dementia

John Sandblom presents as ADI2015

Co-founder and current Treasurer of Dementia Alliance International, and past co-chair (2014), John Sandblom presented on behalf of our membership at ADI2015 in Perth recently. The presentation presented by John Sandblom titled Finding Our Voice was accepted for oral presentation was written by John, and co-chairs Janet Pitts and Kate Swaffer,  was well received, and very timely. John has given … Continue reading John Sandblom presents as ADI2015

Getting involved with DAI

Each week Dementia Alliance International has the thrill of new members joining this advocacy and support group, of by and for people with dementia. As such, we felt it important to focus our blog this week on what services we offer, what we have achieved, and more importantly, how you can become more involved. We … Continue reading Getting involved with DAI

Dementia Awareness Month 2014 In Review

Dementia Awareness Month 2014 (#DAM2014) this year was the best I have experienced, and as the editor of Dementia Alliance International, I thought it opportune to review the activities of September, as well as highlight a few other very positive things that have come to fruition during #DAM2014 around the world. This image was taken … Continue reading Dementia Awareness Month 2014 In Review

Dispelling the Myths of Dementia, presented by Kate Swaffer

Last week Dementia Alliance International held it’s very first A Meeting of The Minds Webinar at a time suitable to Australians. It made a wonderful change for me not having to get up in the wee hours of the morning to particpate! This was our first DAI event in EST time, and I suspect we … Continue reading Dispelling the Myths of Dementia, presented by Kate Swaffer